Fight fungal infections on your feet with Zetaclear

During winter, feet do not receive the proper care; they are kept inside tight socks and inside a tight shoe, additionally in many occasions the socks are not made of cotton or natural fibers, instead they are made with synthetic fibers like nylon, and the tight shoe does not allow a proper ventilation of the foot. All of these factors promote the emergence of fungal infections on feet especially on the area of toes. The main problem with these infections is that they almost do not present any symptom at the beginning, however when the summer comes and many people begins to use sandals, the hideous effects produced by fungi are visible.

In other cases, the infection is detected if the person begins to feel annoyances or pain on the affected area; people pay more attention to their feet only with the emergence of painful lesions and cracks on the skin surrounding toe nails. At this stage getting rid of the fungus becomes very difficult. Therefore, it is important to recognize the initial symptoms of a fungal infection on feet so an appropriate treatment can be applied like the one provided by Zetaclear, in this way eradicating the fungi will become much easier and faster. In the case that fungi are installed under the nails, it is important to attack the problem as soon as it is detected, since it is much more difficult to make the product used for the treatment to penetrate the layers of the nail, therefore the healing process can take a lot of time if a treatment is not applied on time, sometimes if the case becomes severe the healing process will require the full elimination of the affected nail.

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Symptoms of fungal infections on feet and how to fight them with Zetaclear

One of the main symptoms that indicate the presence of a fungal infection on toes is the change on the coloration and texture of nails which have a gnawed appearance, in some cases the infection is also accompanied by a strong bad smell. Fungi can also install between fingers and on other areas of the foot like the plant or the instep, affected areas begin to show a dried aspect and if the condition is very advanced the skin becomes cracked and injured. Another characteristic symptom of a fungal infection of feet is the itchiness on the areas where the fungus has installed like fingers or plant. To avoid the fungal infections on feet it is recommended the use of spacious shoes or sandals to allow a proper ventilation of feet, since fungi are installed on dark and humid areas, and the infections produced by them mainly affect toe nails since

the material of nails is adequate to feed them.

However, if the fungal infection is already affecting any part of your foot, Zetaclear provides you the most effective and safe solution, results will become visible after only four weeks of treatment; it is recommended to apply Zetaclear to the affected area three times per day.

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